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I know you have a fascination with sniffing, so maybe itll relax you to smell my special perfume. Mmm isnt that soothing? We should both get a little more comfortabledoesnt my lingerie look nice? Oh honey, you look a little woozy, here sit down.

You know, this isnt regular perfume that Im wearing. Its fatal to men. Shhh dont fight it, youre already slipping away. Just give into the sensation, feel your heart racing. I want to give you one last gift before you goyou get to cum for your step mommy. Doesnt feel good when I rub and grind against you, sweetheart? Thats it, let me kiss your neck as you inhale my fatal aroma. Your addiction will be your demise, but at least youll be satisfied.

Feel my strong, thick thighs squeeze your middle as I thrust against your crotch. This is how your father perished, you know. My legs crushed him in a scissor hold while we were having sex. It wasnt until afterward that I realized youd have to be next so I could inherit the money. So, dont make me wait. Cum for me.


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